Note de recherche. Les universités et leurs étudiant·es en temps de pandémie au Québec : une analyse à chaud

In March 2020, the WHO declares the state of pandemic to the COVID-19, sign of a rapid internationalization of the spread of the virus. In each country, we are witnessing the launch of numerous precautionary measures in response to the magnitude of the threat posed by this crisis, which is also marked by strong uncertainties in different social fields, including university education. This article proposes plausible research hypotheses on the educational pathways of students by confronting the apprehensions formulated in the public sphere and some data on enrolment in Quebec universities. Our analysis reveals a situation with very different impacts on students’ educational paths. On the one hand, the apprehensions lead us to think of a process of weakening of educational paths. On the other hand, the analysis of enrolment data reveals changes, which vary according to gender, age, legal status and study cycle.

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