Accelerating the pace of innovation through University-Industry Collaboration enhancement: In search of mutual benefits and trust building


Given the ever-changing landscape of R&D and the boundaries of science and technology, innovation through partnerships has become unavoidable at both the national and international levels. As a result, the time has come to explore various avenues that foster the growth and success of university-industry collaboration (U-I collaboration). The development of such collaboration is seen as a key issue in a competitive knowledge-based economy (OECD, 2002). This qualitative study contributes to the literature on U-I collaboration management. The results reveal the need to review current collaboration methods and procedures and to consider stakeholder motivations in order to achieve a greater consensus with regard to the sharing and fulfilment of their interests. Furthermore, instilling a stronger climate of trust within U-I collaboration projects will help projects materialize and further the development of innovation ecosystems, the economy and society in general.

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