Local Open Innovation: A means for public policy to increase collaboration for innovation in SMEs

Our study focuses on how public policy can effectively increase collaboration for innovation among firms, entrepreneurs, research institutions and the public sector in a way that is easily accessible and beneficial for SMEs. In recommending Local Open Innovation (LOI), this paper helps to shape regional innovation policies by strengthening regional networks to efficiently facilitate collaborative innovation. Considering cognitive barriers and constrained resources and capabilities for applying open innovation (OI) in SMEs with unrestricted scope, a local approach offers advantages to facilitating OI. In light of our findings, we present the impact of such a policy mechanism on the adoption of OI, the unique combination of features of the LOI process, and how they affect collaboration. We also present the respective stakeholder relations, barriers preventing SMEs from engaging in OI and potential remedies LOI offers to overcome these barriers. We conclude with varieties of LOI for strengthening regional development in different contexts.


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