Observatories, Chairs and Laboratories

CIRST also hosts the Observatoire des sciences et des technologies (OST), an organization devoted to the measurement of science, technology and innovation. Since its inauguration in 1997, the OST The OST has developed a world-class expertise in research evaluation, through a sustained commitment in four key areas: 1) Implementation and maintenance of databases; 2) Development of research and evaluation methodologies; 3) Basic research in scientometrics and 4) Production of scientometric and technometric evaluative studies. Six chairs are affiliated with the Centre:

CIRST is also home to the Laboratoire de communication médiatisée par ordinateur (LabCMO). The LabCMO is dedicated to research and socio-technical experimentation studying participative cultures, citizen engagement, free software, and human-computer interactions and communication.

CIRST is also partner with HumanIA and CREAS.

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