Leila Tahmooresnejad

Membre du CIRST au postdoctorat jusqu'en 2019
Chaire de recherche du Canada en création, développement et commercialisation de l'innovation
Département de mathématiques et génie industriel
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Leila Tahmooresnejad is a postdoctoral research fellow within the CDC-Innov chair of Polytechnique Montreal. Her research focuses on the impact of university-funded research and innovation networks. She was granted her Ph.D in industrial engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, and Masters degree in technology management. She has collaborated on research projects for Nanotechnology Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social (NE3LS) Network in Quebec. Over the course of her studies, she has also participated in a Mitacs internship program in commercialization of nanotechnology patents in Canada.

Her main research interests are :

- Understanding the economics of science, technology, and innovation

- Measuring the impact of funding on university research

- The analysis of innovation networks and knowledge flows through scientists and inventors

- Understanding the impact of collaborations

- Evaluating the important factors in university and industry collaborations

- Evaluating the key factors in technology commercialization

- Studying innovation networks

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