Demi-journée d’étude – Le concept de fonction en biologie : nouvelles perspectives philosophiques

Half-day workshop

The concept of function in biology: New philosophical perspectives

This half-day workshop will gather philosophy of biology researchers whose work offers novel perspectives on the concept of biological function. Will be discussed, among other things, issues raised by the teleological and/or normative dimensions of the function concept, those pertaining to the possibility and the nature of functional explanations in biology, those concerning the relationship between the functioning of biological entities and the functions of their parts, and those raised by the philosophical project of unifying the various uses of the function notion.   


13h30-14h10 | Justin Garson

(Hunter College)

Edmond Goblot’s (1858-1935) Selected Effects Theory of Function: A Reappraisal

14h10-14h50 | Parisa Moosavi

(York University)

Can Artificial Machines Have a Natural Good?

14h50-15h30 | Antoine C. Dussault

(Collège Lionel-Groulx/CIRST)

Functions Need not Explain the Presence of their Bearers

15h30-16h | Pause/Coffee break

16h-16h40 | Brandon Conley

(Colgate University)

From Dysfunction to Disease

16h40-17h20 | Christophe Malaterre


Which Functions Do Ribozymes Have? A Plea for Pluralism

17h20-18h | Rafraîchissements/Cocktail


Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie (CIRST)

Chaire de recherche du Canada en philosophie des sciences de la vie


Réseau montréalais de philosophie des sciences/Montréal philosophy of science network

Collège Lionel-Groulx


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