Extending the lean value stream mapping to the context of Industry 4.0: An agent-based technology approach

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With the advancement of the 4th industrial revolution and its enabling technologies, researchers and practitioners discuss the mutual relationships and integration of Lean manufacturing with Industry 4.0 to enhance the manufacturing sector’s competitiveness. However, the literature falls short on how Lean principles and practices can support Industry 4.0. To contribute to reducing this research gap, this study explores the integration of the Lean practice value stream mapping (VSM) with hybrid simulation (HS) that combines discrete event and agent-based modelling and simulation. It aims to extend VSM scope to the context of Industry 4.0 to help Industry 4.0 initiatives in manufacturing companies, especially in small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), wherein managerial approaches are still scarce, enabling it to capture the behaviour of more complex entities and distributed production systems. An HS-VSM framework is proposed, and its use is demonstrated through a proof-of-concept case developed in an SME from the furniture and related product manufacturing sector in Quebec, Canada. This study indicates that VSM combined with HS can assist Industry 4.0 roadmap development and help companies understand changes in materials, equipment, processes, and information flows associated with Industry 4.0 application scenarios.

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